Tear Trough Filler Treatment

What are Tear Troughs?

The Tear trough is the industry term for section of skin between your lower eyelid and cheek. It usually classed as the semi circle area of skin running from your nose and underneath each eye. Volume loss in this area does occur naturally with age, yet some people are born with this hollow look.

Sunken tear troughs lead to sagging skin under the eye due to the depletion of the facial fat. Hollow tear troughs are one of the first signs of aging skin and can often develop during our teen years, lack of sleep and an abundance of stress all help with their development.

Tear Trough Filler Treatment
Tear Trough treatment

Tear Trough Fillers

Surgical options have long been considered the only viable option to remove those dark bags under the eyes, however this non-surgical technique can give you very similar results without the surgeon’s scalpel.

So if you are tired of looking tired, talk to The Aesthetic Lounge today about how Tear Trough treatments can work for you!

Tear Trough Filler Treatment

Tear trough filler is a dermal filler which can volumize the skin under the eye and combat wrinkles or fine lines in that region.
The filler will not only add volume but will also hydrate the tear trough area from within, which in turn helps boost natural collagen levels.

As with all dermal fillers, it is applied via injection. The tear trough procedure would be to inject the tear trough a few times along the orbital bone (the bone cavity around and under the eye). The filler is then massaged into place by our cosmetic professionals and moulded to your personal specifications (which we will gather in a pre-treatment consultation).

This may seem scary at first given its close proximity to the eye, but our specialists have carried out this procedure countless times with the utmost care given.  

The injection is administered to the baggy area under the eye and has no contact with the eye itself. Once inserted, the tear trough filler will immediately start to soften up under-eye wrinkles and leave the area looking revitalised. 

Is Tear Trough Treatment for me?

The treatment is suitable for both men and women, unlike other areas of the face tear troughs don’t only develop with age. We have even treated under 18 year olds with this procedure.

Tiredness affects us all no matter what age we are, and if we aren’t getting the full eight hours of sleep we require, tear troughs are one of the earliest side-effects we tend to witness under the eye.

However tear troughs have also appeared despite a healthy eight hours, sometimes we are just born with them!

So long as we receive consent we can administer the treatment to under-18s, the only people we would advise not to go for the tear trough treatment would be pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Is Tear Trough treatment for me


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Can Tear trough fillers treat Crow's Feet?

Crow's Feet

Our specialist may advise you to use another type of anti-aging technique to combat crow’s feet.

That’s not to say the tear trough filler wouldn’t work for you. Once a private consultation has been made our cosmetic professionals can offer you the right treatment.

Whether it be tear trough filler or another type of injectable anti-aging substances.

How long does the Tear Trough filler last?

The treatment itself takes around ten to fifteen minutes in total and the results can be seen straight away.
After the treatment results can last between a year to eighteen months!

Yet with re-application the treatment can even last up to two or three years, if for example you had two syringes in the first year, you could only need one the following year with the time between treatments growing longer and longer after each application.

Tear Trough treatment

Tear Trough Filler Treatment Before & After

Tear Trough treatment
Tear Trough Filler Before and After
Before & After Tear Trough Treatment
Before and After Tear Trough Fillers

Does Tear Trough treatment hurt?

Many of our clients consider this to be one of the least painful areas for dermal filler injections, with claims that fillers around the jaw and cheek to be slightly more painful.

However, to decrease the pain level as much as we can we administer a local numbing agent during the procedure.

Are there side-effects?

As with any injection there can be some swelling and redness in the area, but the healing downtime for this treatment is generally faster than any other. Very rarely the patient will experience a couple days of redness and swelling, thought these side-effects usually die down during the same day.

The Aesthetic Lounge ensures that our specialists are well trained and very experienced in administering tear trough filler; minimising many of the risks involved.


Tear Trough Filler treatment Aftercare?

We would advise you to avoid alcohol and any heavy exercise for at least 24 hours after the procedure. You should also try to avoid any anti-inflammatory drugs as these can thin the blood and will slow down the initial healing process.

If you are worried that the swelling is taking to long to recede then our specialists can advise a course of steroid tablets, however a gentle icepack on the area can work wonders as well!

What if I don’t like the results?

If you are unhappy with how the tear trough filler looks on you then we can offer an enzyme called Ryalase to quickly break down the dermal filler and melt it away.

Tear trough filler is made up of acids and chemicals which are found naturally in the body, and this means that over time the filler will dissolve on its own and be removed naturally by the body.

Tear Trough treatment

Surgical vs Non-Surgical

Under eye bag removal is quite a common cosmetic surgery, and before tear trough fillers were developed was the only procedure one could take to revitalise this region. Using dermal filler can help avoid surgical scarring, general anaesthesia and a longer downtime for healing. Many patients claim that the non-surgical option looks more natural, as no skin needs to be removed, nothing is taken away.
If you think tear trough filler is the right procedure for you then please get in touch! The Aesthetic Lounge is always on hand to answer your questions and offer consultation!

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