Dermal Filler For Nasolabial Folds

Smile Lines aka Nasolabial Folds

Smile lines aka laugh lines aka Nasolabial Folds are wrinkle lines that appear around the nose and mouth with age. Commonly starting at the corners of the mouth and extending up to the nose, they can cause a trough between the cheeks and upper lip. Nasolabial folds occur due to repetitive movement of the face over time.

Smiling, laughing and frowning can create wrinkle lines, and combined with the natural loss of collagen and elastin in the face, can create more of these unwanted streaks.

Dermal Filler For Nasolabial Folds aka Laugh Lines

These smile lines can deepen further over time as the skin continues to lose volume, however dermal fillers can be applied to these areas to lift them back up again.

Facial movement unfortunately affects a lot of areas, smiling and frowning can create lines across the forehead, around the eyes and eyebrows and on the cheek and chin. Dermal filler can be used in all of these areas to volumise the face.

How can Dermal Filler help?

Dermal filler is a very common treatment used by beauticians, it contains an acid which can be found naturally in our bodies and when injected can plumpen and round out areas of aging skin.  The Aesthetic Lounge uses a variety of different and well known brands to partner up with your personal cosmetic vision, and after a standard consultation can recommend which treatments and brands of dermal filler should be used. (with laugh lines Restylane and Juvederm are the most common).  

The hyaluronic acid contained within the dermal filler acts by restoring and drawing water to the area it’s injected into, thus restoring volume. The acid also helps in the restoration of collagen in that area, by stimulating collagen production. Collagen is a protein that makes up the majority of the connective tissues in our skin, it provides structure and improves the skin’s elasticity and moisture content. Collagen levels tend to lessen over time, and its decrease often leads to wrinkles and skin ageing.


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Whats involved?

Smile Lines

The dermal filler will be injected with a fine needle into the dermis layer of the skin.

With nasolabial folds it is common to use a syringe on each side of the mouth, one into each fold. However, our specialist will advise how much to use in certain areas depending on the depth of each smile line and the brand of filler used.

Some brands are denser than others and will require less syringes than thinner brands, these thinner brands are often less expensive.

How long does it last?

Again this depends on the quantity of dermal filler you would use during the treatment. Our specialists at The Aesthetic Lounge can recommend the brands of filler which have the longest lifespan. Usually the time span is between six to twenty four months after the first treatment.

The dermal filler metabolises naturally over time, and is eventually disposed of by the body. Dermal filler will last longer in areas of the face that receive less movement such as the jawline, however around the lips a thinner brand of filler won’t last as long.
Chin Enhancement - Smile Lines


What should I do to prolong the effects?

The best way to maintain your treatment for as long as possible is to avoid overexposure to the sun and to moisturise your face daily. The sun’s UV rays actually work against dermal fillers, so wearing high quality sun cream and staying in the shade is advised. Extreme sunlight should be avoided completely for at least a couple of weeks after the initial treatment.
Regular moisturising routines and drinking lots of water will also keep your face hydrated and thus benefit the properties of the water absorbing hyaluronic acid in the filler. Keep an eye out for moisturisers that contain hyaluronic acid themselves, the addition will only help the procedures longevity.
Jawline and Chin Fillers For Men

Follow up Treatment

Follow up treatments are also available, should the effects of the first treatment look like they are starting to wear away then our experts at The Aesthetic Lounge are always on hand to maintain your new look.

There are two methods of follow up treatment, one involves waiting longer periods of time between each procedure and using lots of filler each time. The second would be a series of short follow up visits throughout the year to add small amounts of filler where they are needed.

The second option tends to result in a more natural and sustained appearance, and also helps to stimulate collagen production over the course of treatment.

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