Marionette Lines & Jowls

Marionette Lines

Different to smile lines which occur close to the upper lip and cheek; marionette lines appear between the lower lip and chin. Marionette lines get their unfortunate name from marionette puppets, as the lines between the lip and chin are associated with the mouth of an old string puppet. They tend to worsen with age, after exposure to the sun and after any weight loss; all three of these causes the skin to lose its elasticity and fall.

People tend to target marionette lines due to the sad or even angry faced expression they can sometimes give as they drag the corners of the mouth downwards.

Dermal filler can be applied in much the same was as with smile lines, they will plumpen out any deepened skin lines and help add a more youthful look around your lower face.

How does Dermal Filler help?

These marionette lines occur mainly due to a loss of volume in the lower area of the face, which happens naturally with ageing. Dermal filler is injected into the dermis layer of the skin to plumpen out the lines and volumise the area in general. Some of our brands of filler such as Revolax or Juvederm contain natural collagen boosting substances; this means that while acting as a short to medium term treatment it also helps your skin maintain its long term elasticity.

Dermal filler works using hyaluronic acid, this acid occurs naturally in the body and works by attracting water to the area it’s injected into, plumpening out the skin. Hyaluronic acid is the primary ingredient used to help create collagen and even elastin in the face.

How long does it last, when will I see results?

The effects of dermal filler can be seen immediately after application. The area will swell to iron out the wrinkles, the treatment is generally very quick and easy.

The treatment lasts between six and eighteen months depending on the type of dermal filler used by the practitioner. It’s a non-permanent treatment and can be reversed if required.

Are there side-effects?

You may feel a small sting from the injection but the experts at The Aesthetic Lounge make every effort to limit any discomfort. Numbing cream can be applied beforehand to counter any pain sensation from the needle.
There may be some swelling or bruising after the procedure yet this resides after a couple of days in the majority of cases.

Our beauticians can also use a micro-cannulas instead of a standard needle, this is used to reduce the risk of bruising after the procedure.


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Marionette Lines

Marionette lines stop near the top of the chin along the jawline, with age sometimes the loose skin starts to sag in this area. These are known as jowls. Jowls can be combated non-surgically using jowl reduction injectables.

These are a mixture of dermal filler and an anti-wrinkle agent, used to relax the muscles in this area and plumpen out lines in the skin.

After a private consultation with a professional at The Aesthetic Lounge, a tailored treatment will be administered to help achieve the appearance you desire.

What is the procedure?

After the consultation a specialist at The Aesthetic Lounge will inject the pre-decided dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle agents to the jowl. The whole treatment will take approximately thirty minutes, and will require very little downtime to heal.
Marionette lines


What’s the recovery time & how long will it last?

The treatment (as with any injectable treatments) will bring about some tenderness and swelling yet this tends to reside within a couple of days. Our specialists will be on hand to advise and administer numbing creams and other recovery options to quicken downtime.
The best results from the procedure will appear within ten days and can last anywhere between three months to a year and a half depending on the brand and the amount of jowl treatments used.

Why choose The Aesthetic Lounge?

Choosing the right clinic or practitioner to perform jowl and marionette line reduction is a tricky task. We would advise you to undergo as much research as possible before finalising on a clinic. What we can say is that we have years of experience and have a proven track record of friendly and helpful patient interaction.
All our practitioners are highly qualified and hold a wealth of experience in all of our treatments. We will be with you every step of the way to achieve the cosmetic vision you are looking for. Feel free to contact us for a free consultation, or for any information we can provide about our credentials and treatments.

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