Chin & Jawline Enhancement

Jawline and Chin Enhancement

Definition across the chin and jawline creates that youthful look that so many desire; The Aesthetic Lounge offers a selection of non-surgical treatments to help you achieve this look! Some jawlines tend to soften or sag with age, our aesthetic experts will work with you to help craft the definition you desire with injectable dermal fillers!

Our team has a vast collection of practice and knowledge under their belts, and can help craft the perfect jawline for you, using the right brands and fillers suited to you!

Dermal fillers are the most commonly accepted treatments for jaw and chin enhancement.

Double Chin?

Dermal filler can help contour your jawline in a way that reduces the effects of a double chin. Yet our aesthetic experts are more likely to recommend a course of Kybella or CoolSculpting.

These are essentially treatments to remove under-chin fatty tissue, and can have a much longer-lasting effects than a standard course of dermal filler.

How Does Jawline and Chin Enhancement Work?

Once you have booked in your personal consultation with The Aesthetic Lounge we can discuss your exact specifications face to face! We will talk about your cosmetic vision and which areas you would like improved upon.

Our Aesthetic experts will be able to advise you on the correct dermal filler to use, and judge whether or not this type of jawline and chin enhancement is right for you in the first place! For the course of Dermal Filler a topical anaesthetic will first be delivered to counter any uncomfortability from the injection process.

The filler will then be strategically applied to the pre-selected areas of the chin and jawline by our experts, sculpting these areas into your cosmetic vision!
The dermal filler is typically administered using a needle or cannula, the sharp needle tip is applied for harder areas of the chin, where the cannula is typically used in softer areas to avoid bruising.

The Aesthetic Lounge is dedicated to delivering the right treatments for you, we understand different people have different needs so please get in touch for a personal consultation!


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Jawline and Chin Enhancement Recovery and Results

Smile Lines

Dermal Fillers can often create some mild swelling or tenderness for a couple of days after the injection, however these symptoms are only temporary! The results from your procedure will be visible immediately after the filler has been injected.

Everyone is different and so results last for different lengths of time per person, however on average results can last between one and two years! Feel free to discuss your desired time periods with our specialists and they will be able to advise you on the best brands and treatments!

The procedure will take a total of around 15-20 minutes and is for the most part not that painful, it requires no general anesthesia and will leave you without any scars or stitches.

Why is Dermal Filler useful?

As an individual ages their skull and chin moves, it happens with all humans unfortunately. The chin area tends to move backwards and the skull rotates ever so slightly. This movement causes soft tissue to break down resulting in a sag or depression in the lower face.

Ageing also weakens collagen and elastin. When collagen is broken down the facial muscles are strained, leading to saggy skin.

The various brands of dermal filler used at The Aesthetic Lounge can lend structural support to the face. Female clients often aim for a softer and more contoured chin, where many male patients tend to use dermal filler to create a harder or more chiselled chin.

Chin Enhancement - Smile Lines

Jawline and Chin Enhancement BEFORE & AFTER

Jawline filler before and after
chin and Jawline filler Before and AFTER
Jawline and chin Filler Before and After
Full Facial Sculpting Package Before and After
Before & After Jawline Sculpting
Jawline Sculpting

What brands of dermal filler do we use?

Revolax, Restylane, Juvederm and Teosyal

There are a number of different dermal filler brands available on the medical and beauty market these days. The Aesthetic Lounge hand selects the right brand of filler based off of your personal specification.

Our selected brands include Revolax, Restylane, Juvederm and Teosyal.

Our aesthetic experts will be on hand to talk about the benefits of different brands and how they can connect to your cosmetic ideals.


How much are dermal fillers?

The price is dictated by the brand and quantity of dermal filler you would require. Our specialists are just a phone call or email away and can give you an estimate based upon your cosmetic plan.

Is non-surgical jawline enhancement right for me?

A person’s look and visual identity will and should always be theirs to fashion and sculpt. Some jawlines are weak and might not live up to a persons’ desired image, and in this case, dermal fillers are a strong option for resolution. However there are numerous non-surgical treatments that can be used that may be more in touch with what you need, always remember that The Aesthetic Lounge are on hand to talk it out!

Here are a few benefits to help you make up your mind in the meantime.

Dermal fillers are minimally invasive, they can create jawline symmetry, reduce sagging skin and add definition to a weakened chin. If you constantly find yourself contouring your face with make-up to hide an uneven jawline then dermal filler could be a strong choice. They can also increase the overall size and length of your chin.
Jawline and Chin Fillers For Men

Can Dermal Fillers benefit men as well as women?

The answer is a resounding (and quite obvious) YES! Men often idealise a strong jawline and chin and dermal filler can create that look in minutes!

Youthful skin is universally loved by both sexes and The Aesthetic Lounge has had a number of male patients over the years.

We work with discretion and perseverance to ensure our treatments look as natural as possible.

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