We may have started everything in England but we love treating old and new clients in Scotland. We have so far hosted clinics across Edinburgh and Inverness.
As with all our treatments, we have FDA approval and a selection of expertly trained cosmetic professionals to administer them.
In Inverness and Edinburgh, our professionals have helped plenty of new clientele achieve their perfect cosmetic vision. Our brands include Restylane and Juvederm, two of the best dermal fillers on the market.
As with all the cities we visit, we stock our full collection of dermal fillers and non-surgical procedures.

Our treatments include non-surgical rhinoplasty, tear trough filler, cheek, and jawline enhancement and many more, please consult the website for the full list of the procedures we have on offer! We give all our patients a free consultation before every procedure, just to ensure the treatments they are considering would be right for them. 

We strive to help all our patients in Inverness and Edinburgh achieve the aesthetic goals they want and will advise and protect them to ensure they will always walk away with natural and proportional cosmetic results!
If your based in Scotland but aren’t close enough to Inverness of Edinburgh feel free to contact us on the website to see if we can make it to a city near you!


The Aesthetic Lounge has hosted clinics in Newcastle a few times now, coming back to work with celebrities such as Sam Gowland and Chloe Ferry of Geordie Shore fame. All our anti-wrinkle, dermal filler, and enhancement treatments are available at our traveling clinic (a full list can be found on this website).

Newcastle was one of the first cities The Aesthetic Lounge hosted clinics for, and we have treated and advised both men on women on the right treatments for them.

Our training course roadshow stops off at Newcastle frequently, contact us via the website to inquire about the next time we will be able to stop off in Newcastle; chances are we’ll be there soon to indulge our celebrity clientele! Clinics comprise a 15-minute consultation where we will describe the treatments and procedures that can help you achieve your ideal appearance.


Our courses offer everything you need to be successfully in the aesthetic industry


Manchester was where it all started for The Aesthetic Lounge, our first clinic began here over seven years ago. You can say Manchester is our main hub in the UK, our lounge has been described as one of the leading providers of cosmetic treatments in the North West.

As with all the other cities we provide services for both men and women in Manchester and have stock of our full range of treatments and procedures. Including our most popular treatments along the jawline, cheek, nose and under eyes; using dermal filler and botox for various types of treatment. Again a full list of our treatments is available on our website, and our experts are always on hand to give you a free consultation!


The Aesthetic Lounge has carried out clinics across Coventry and the majority of Warwickshire. We stock our full range of procedures, as with all clinics we host across the UK. So if you’re looking for a variety of non-surgical procedures including jawline enhancement, cheek augmentation, tear trough treatments and many more.

Coventry is our midlands base of operations and we travel frequently to all areas of Warwickshire to deliver our variety of treatments.
Many of our clinics have been hosted in several Northern cities so we are always excited to travel to the midlands and treat a host of new patients!
Our complete list of treatments can be found on our website, and our experts are a short phone call away to give you any advice or recommendations you might need

Models Required  50% off all treatments!

Cosmetic models Needed in Manchester. The Aesthetic lounge are looking for cosmetic models this is The Safest Way to Save on Aesthetic Treatments.

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