Aesthetic Models Required

Models Required

At The Aesthetic Lounge, we always strive to expand our range of reliable aesthetic models. Due to the growth, we are now looking for models that will accompany us during our training sessions.

If you live in Manchester, Coventry and are seriously considering aesthetic treatments, you can join our model database. Our models receive the highest quality non-surgical treatments performed by medical professionals in a clinical setting, at a very affordable price.

Qualified Aesthetic Trainers

We offer a wide range of professional training for cosmetic technicians wish to enter the aesthetic industry. Our courses are conducted in clinical settings by a team of qualified aesthetic trainers, all of whom have extensive experience in the aesthetic industry.

We are always looking for reliable people who want to receive aesthetic treatments in a safe and controlled training environment at very low prices.

Aesthetic Models database

By registering in our Aesthetic Models database, you have the opportunity to receive a wide range of anti-aging and rejuvenation treatments at a considerable discount. As a general rule, you can expect to pay only about 50% of the usual price for a treatment.

Treatments include wrinkle injections, facial fillers and facial sculpting. 

 You will always be treated by a cosmetic technician  who will be closely monitored by our experienced trainers so you can fully rely on the safety of your treatment.


Although you have to deal with the dates of our courses, many courses are planned throughout the year, so you should always be able to reach a course date that is right for you.

But perhaps the biggest advantage is that there are no limits on how often you can model for us. Once we know that you are reliable, our team will be happy to contact you if we have a requirement, so you may never have to pay the full price of the cosmetic treatment.

If you are interested in Modeling for The Aesthetic Lounge, complete the Models online registration form in the Models section. You can indicate which treatments you are interested in and which of our centers you can travel to. If you are a suitable candidate and have been selected for a course, we will invite you to a training course where you will receive your treatment at a very reduced price.


Our courses offer everything you need to be successfully in the aesthetic industry


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